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Woman's day

Nardi, 2000

© Cartoon by Marilena Nardi (Italy)

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Eh women, you can't live
either with them or without them

Nardi John Landis

"Femminism is the only example, in history, of a rebellion of masters against slaves"
Gesualdo Bufalino

"The man images that he overwhelms woman, but he's only a filler"
Karl Kraus

Nardi "The problem of a lot of women is that they become exhited for a trifle and then they merry him"
Anonymous writer

"If you put out the woman in yourself, you'll be a better man"
Sidney Pollack


Marilena Nardi, born in 1966, lives in Vicenza (Italy).
Illustrator, cartoonist and humorous graphic.
She participates in national and international humour contests. In his palmares more than 10 prizes. Actually she collaborates with italian newspapers and magazines "Corriere della Sera", "ViviMilano", "Diario della Settimana" and "Avvenimenti".
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