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is one of the greatest Humour and Satire authors who are active today. This anthological exhibit walks you through his artistic path by offering you a rich selection of his vast and faceted production (from graphics art to illustrating, from painting to sculpture, from photography to motion pictures). In his creative variety Zlatkovsky reaches the highest peaks of Humour art. In his production the author merges an unmatched visual strength to ingenious and cutting creations. His personal and unmistakable style has made him the leading master in his homeland, Russia, and in the rest of the world. This exhibit is an expression of appreciation to such artist, who has been awarded prizes and acknowledgements in the most prestigious international contests, spanning from Montreal (Canada) to Gabrovo (Bulgary).

"Illustrazioni e Visioni"
FANO, Martinozzi Palace
February 14 - March 1, 1998

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