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Biennale Tolentino
 Biennale Umorismo

 Theme: Fight or flight (or laugh)
 Prizes: 3.000 €uro
 Deadline: May 8, 2013
 All regulations »
Trasimeno Blues Cartoon Fest
 Trasimeno Blues
 Cartoon Fest

  Theme: The BluesHarp Harmonica
 Prizes: 300 €uro
 Deadline: June 10, 2013
 All regulations »
 The results »
Umoristi a Marostica
  Umoristi a Marostica
 The results »

Special House of Cartoon
 Fair Intl Cartoonet
 The results »

Terhan Biennial
 Tehran Intl Cartoon Biennial
 The results »
Humour a Gallarate
 Humour a Gallarate
Intl Cartoon Contest

 The results »

Biennale Tolentino
 Intl Biennial
of Art Humour

 The results »

Umoristi a Marostica
  Umoristi a Marostica
 The results »

Studio Andromeda
 Intl Exhibition
 of Satire

 The results »

Studio Andromeda
 Mela Ridens
 The gallery »

 Jazz Smile
 The results »

China Olympic Cartoon
 Intl China Olympic Cartoon Competition
 The results »

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